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  • admin says:

    Kevin, I enjoyed your presentation this morning at the Stonecroft meeting in Ottawa. The two unfinished pieces were exceptional and look forward to purchasing the 2013 calendar featuring these two paintings. The Arnprior town hall painting is beautiful. Your paintings capture all the essence of life.

    – gaby

  • admin says:

    Hi Kevin;

    Had the pleasure of talking with you at the Pakenham General Store last Saturday. While I am fan of the Group of Seven and Tom Thompson, you are another one of my favourite Canadian artists. It is a great honour that Canada is the home of another phenomenal artist. Your style of painting captures the beauty that is resident around the villages and towns of the Valley. Thank for for sharing this wonderful gift.

    – Carol Dunlap

  • admin says:

    hi kevin i love your paintings, they are breath taking.Brad strickland

    – brad strickland

  • admin says:

    Hi Kevin, I own 2 of your prints from many years ago and was disappointed a few weeks ago when I was in Arnprior and found your gallery closed. I was visiting a friend in Ottawa and we drove out. I live in California and your winter scenes that I have remind me of growing up in the Ottawa valley. You are a wonderful artist and capture the right feeling. Betty

    – Betty Polansky

  • admin says:

    Kevin I have always loved your wonderful work of art since I visited your gallery in Arnprior about four or five years ago and again this summer. I shall mark your site and keep a watch for more unique and exciting creations by yourself.

    – Glenn Doughty

  • admin says:

    Your work is amazing and so lovely! Please let me know if you bring one of your exhibits to the USA! God bless.

    – elizabeth tangvatchrin

  • admin says:

    Hello Kevin
    Your work is nostalgic, breath-taking, and reminds me of the turn of the 19th century, and some of the paintings about the old log farms and the Clydes Dales in the barnyard, remind me so much of when I was a child and my grandfather and grandmother lived on a 100 acre land with a log farmhouse, and my grandfather always had big, gentle work horses, we used to go on rides with. Your true spirit speaks leaps and bounds, and in these paintings you really depict what your spirit is all about.
    Thank you so much for sharing your inner beauty with all of us!

    – Pat

  • admin says:

    Kevin, I noticed your work when I was looking for a 2012 Lang calendar. Your work is beautiful, but what I noticed was your name. I am a Dodds too. My family is from Greenock, Scotland, both parents born there and most all my relatives still live in Scotland. Your work is awesome, I have been interested in art for many years, with Charles Wysocki and Paul Landry being two of my favorites. Now I can add your name to my list of favs.
    Best regards from Central New Jersey, USA

    – Deborah Corr

  • admin says:

    Kevin… I purchased your page a day calendar -FANTASTIC. ENJOYED perusing
    the gallery of your work… hooray to you. Please forward to me a price list of
    your works, particularly originals. thanks JM

    – Jim Munson

  • admin says:

    Hi Kevin,
    So many beautiful paintings to see….How would I ever choose just one…
    Best Wishes,

    – Dorothy

  • admin says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m Wyatt’s and Pam’s daughter. Heard Lots about you and thought I would check out your art.
    I really enjoy your landscapes!
    Hope to meet you soon,


    – Jessica Howick

  • admin says:

    Thank goodness for the internet I can read the Chroncile Guide to keep up with the happenings in Arnprior.
    I am looking forward to your Lang calendar next year with the Arnprior post office painting in it.
    The other day we had the spring flowers all blooming and the ground was covered with snow. What a neat picture it would make. Too bad I did not have a camera.
    Keep on painting. I think of you every time that I look at my four season plates which are hanging at our front door.
    Nanaimo BC

    – Phyllis Coghill

  • admin says:

    Hello Kevin;

    I have finally found you!!! I have often thought about you as we would love to have you visit in Nova Scotia again soon. I so enjoy the plates and the print you gave to me. Have missed you a lot. Please contact when you have a chance. The door is always open for you and you could could do some nice scenes of the ocean and the Bay of Fundy here. Your work is so amazing. I am so proud to show it to people.

    Take care.

    – Sharon Webster

  • admin says:

    I have a painting of yours that includes4 small winter scenes. The one that is signed by you is entitled “wonderland in white. When I purchased this piece, we were living in the mountains of Virginia, but have since relocated to Manatee county Florida. I enjoy looking at the painting as it brings back fond memories of our lives while in Virginia. We lived in a very rural town, south of Roanoke, Virginia.

    – Peter Carey

  • admin says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Just a note to say that I really enjoyed the workshop today (this morning)and hope I can finish the painting on my own! Your work is amazing — especially the ’impressionistic’ paintings. Hopefully my friend Judith and I will be able to take some more instruction from you in the future; so many things to do, so many places to go! It was great …

    – Brenda Wright

  • admin says:

    Hey Kevin.

    Great seeing you the other day, your art has always blown me away, Family must be happy that you will be around for christmas. See you soon.

    – Ryan Kwiatkowski

  • admin says:

    Hi Kevin – I recently saw your work at a cousin’s home, “Wintertime Log Farm” on a poster. The log farm, situated in Nepean, ON. was the home of my great-great grandparents, Abraham and Matilda Bradley. I have visited the farm on a few occasions, but not recently. Is this print available for sale as a poster?
    The poster, as I remember it was a little different from the print on the website.

    I really admire your work, and hope to visit the Pakenham General Store next time I visit the Ottawa area.

    Sheila Mayville

    – Sheila Mayville

  • admin says:

    Hello Kevin, I have met with my great friend Kevin Landry yesterday who suggested I visit your website to view your paintings. They are wonderful and I absolutely love your paintings of the “olden” days. I feel you have captured the scenes extremely well considering you are obviously not old enough to have experienced those times yourself. Wonderful images, extremely well painted.

    – Nancy Blanchard

  • admin says:

    Hello Kevin it has been a long time since we have seen you. Ralph is not in good health and we have moved to Morrisburg with a panoramic view of the mighty St. Lawrence. We are 8 minutes from Upper Canada Village. A friend was just commenting on your beautiful paintings and I was showing him your website. Take care and if you get this way look us up. Sandra & Ralph Sinnett

    – Ralph Sinnett –

  • admin says:

    Hi Kevin. It is Marlene Fryer I have not been to Arnprior for awhile. Are you having your Christmas Open House this Year? If so when is it? I want to come and see you. Take care. Marlene and Jerry Fryer

    – Marlene Fryer

  • admin says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I talked with you today briefly in your gallery in Burnstown. I love the detail in your paintings! The animals you paint are my favorite, the dogs and birds especially they are so life like. Maybe someday I will get you to paint my dog Ben, an apricot miniature poodle? Thank you for sharing your gift and don’t stop!


  • admin says:

    Hi Kevin, it was great meeting you on the plane today on our way to Chicago, I have had a chance to look at your artwork and it is incredible. I love your style and talent. I wish you continued success with your artwork and hope to buy a piece someday soon.

    – Julie Ott

  • admin says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m not sure if you remember me but I worked for Susan Lee at WNPE-WNPI Public TV in Watertown 20 years ago when you were starting out and became on the the stations Featured Artists. I still have several of your pieces which I enjoy. I have moved from Florida to Greenville, South Carolina to a new home and am having most of my art collection rematted and reframed and your “Kitten” was the next to be redone so I decided to see if you had a website. So many more beautiful pieces!

    Anyway, you haven’t been forgotten by one “old” fan and I just thought I would say “hello”.

    Tonia Stanton Burke
    Greenville, SC

    – Tonia Stanton Burke

  • admin says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I just put up one of your plates I have from Mom’s collection yesterday. I came to your site to see if I could purchase one more plate to go with it. I have the “Lazy Days” plate. The certificate of authenticity says there is a set of four in this collection. Are they still available for purchase?

    I hope things are going well for you and you have a successful 2008.

    I really enjoyed looking at your gallery. Your paintings remind me of Dad.

    Heather Whittall

    – Heather Whittall

  • admin says:

    Hello Kevin,
    After admiring your beautiful painting of the Packenham Bridge in Springtime when we visited family years ago, I was thrilled when my husband ordered it for me as a Christmas surprise. It arrived here in Vancouver in time for Christmas and now hangs in my study, where all my friends and family have admired it. You have a special gift — thank you!

    Lorraine Baron

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