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  • Ron McGuire says:

    Kevin–good seeing you after over a decade yesterday.
    Pleased to see you are still doing your exception art work, in my opinion some of the finest, most detaled and realistic aret done by anyone.
    Best wishes for many more years of continued success.
    sincerely, Ron

  • Laurel Howland says:

    I just picked up My Front Porch at a sale in Watertown, NY…irony as am packing to move to Carleton Place near Arnprior, ON. Like the country peace the art offers.

  • Kevin Was certainly nice to see all your paintings, especially my family’s house which I have hanging in my living room..Also the roaster on water barrel . Both paintings I just love and treasure them highly. Of course they will stay in my family when Jim and I are gone..Hope to come to Arnprior soon to have a visit and a wee chat.

  • Randall Jack says:

    We went antiquing many years ago . I have retired and moved back to Arnprior, after living and working in Kingston. Love your work espesically your new and exciting modern!!!will be in touch. Randy

  • Harold-Marg Arnold says:

    We have 2 prints of yours.
    “Cardinal and Bluejay ”
    Our Granddaughter bought them in Ottawa at a Market.
    They are lovely and have had lots of great comments about them.

  • Francine Amyot says:

    Hope you have a very successful show. On a more personal note, I hope you are pursuing your astract work that you had started. Hope to meet you again.

  • Michel (Michael) RENO says:

    Super quality art work Kevin on a really nice art web site. Must say your many roosters remind me of those found just roaming around right in the city in Key West, Florida. Your capture of wildlife and the many birds, chickens, dogs and horses in a relaxing country setting are right on the money. Got to admit Kev you’ve got talent…lol. From a Quebec artist friend.

  • Lee Ann says:

    Was great to talk to you at the Carp fair. Your calendar has become my mother-in-laws annual Christmas gift as she adores your work and so do I. While I can only afford the prints now, one day I will own the real thing. Keep sharing your work with the world…it is a gift that brings so much joy to others.

  • Kelly Leishman says:

    Hi Kevin, we have owned 4 of your works since the early 90’s. We used to visit your antique store and your Dad’s chip wagon! We now live in North Carolina and still adore your work! Actually miss Arnprior… Thanks for sharing your gift!

  • Sherry Fearnall-Taylor says:

    Hi Kevin
    Many years ago while living in eastern Ontario, Prescott I watch a program about you and your paintings, I now can’t remember which show, however I took my Children to Upper Canada Village and was brousing in the gift shop. While looking at some of the prints they had there to my surprise I saw one of your prints. Swan Song was so beautiful and I had to buy it. I have brought the print out to B.C. where i now live and have since had it framed professionally and it hangs proudly in my living room. I love it and cherish it. One day i would love to see your gallery. I just had to write and tell you how much I love your paintings!
    Please never stop painting!

  • admin says:

    Many, many years ago I purchased your “Bringing Home the Tree” framed print at the Cobourg Waterfront Festival..I still love that print now as much as I did then -that says a lot about your talent, because I’m usually rather ADD about art ;P Thank you for gracing the world with your gift, Kevin!

    – Beverly M

  • admin says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you. Your talent is inspirational and I look forward to taking one of your classes at Algonquin. Every painting has it’s own story and all are beautiful, however one of my favourites is “Lily Pond”. If it is still for sale, I am interested. On another note, if you ever grace our beautiful 1,000 Islands again, I have been asking everyone I know if they can capture a photograph of a goose, feeding underwater, it’s white tail-bum and little legs all that are showing above the water. It is what I would love to paint, as a tribute and memory of time spent on the river. I have not been lucky enough to photograph that “moment”. You have a superior talent, and I would feel honored to be under your tutelage.

    – Cathy Thompson

  • admin says:

    Hey Kevin…I would like to buy a print of your painting russells chickens….I have always loved that painting…how can I pay for this and have it sent to western Canada…cheers!!

    – Dale James Douglas

  • admin says:

    I came across your calendar on We are living in Australia and I wanted a calendar for my holder. Wow what a surprise to find Kevin Dodds art on a Lang calendar. I thought it must be another one but it wasn’t! Congrats your work is beautiful and how exciting to have a Canadian artist and even better an Arnprior artists work hanging in my Aussie kitchen.

    – Barb/Dave Sweet

  • admin says:

    Living in Nashville, TN… longs for Canadian art ! Kevin, your numerous works speak so clearly of the Canadian landscape. I truly enjoy the waterfall scene which took you several hours on one hot summers day at Meach Lake. And of course, the several other works of art that hang in my home in Nashville and back home in the Gatineau Hills. It seem’s so many years ago that I bought “Russell Chickens” an yet every time I look at that great work of art……I am drawn to revisit your creative talent.
    Thank You,

    – Mike Moloughney

  • admin says:

    I love your paintings, I wish I could buy them all! My favorites right now are “A Day with Dad” and “A Day on the Farm”. Although at the Christmas craft show at landsdown park (Ottawa) you were working on a Christmas setting inside a log cabin that was beautiful! When will that one be posted? Looking forward to it!

    – Sylvie

    • Pat says:

      Kevin. your work is amazing. Re-kindles the days when we were growing up, my grandfather allways had a team of horses, we got sleigh rides when he stopped at the house, picked us up on the way to the bush lot to cord some wood and we though it was wonderful.

      You have captured those days, and re-created memories, I am sure for alot of folk who were raised in that era or who remember their grandparents or folks who lived that kind of life.

      Keep up the beautiful work, and thank you for all the creativity put into each piece, brings back fond memories.

      Thanks so much, keep on Creating! for the generations to come.

      God Bless! P:)

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